About Invicro

Invicro is an integral part of the REALM IDx, Inc. group, which aims to accelerate personalized medicine, discover novel therapeutic targets and develop innovative therapeutic technologies for unmet medical needs.

As a global research partner to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and contract research organizations, Invicro helps to enhance the discovery and development of life-changing drugs, using a novel platform that brings together best-in-class expertise, imaging biomarkers, core lab services, analytics, and software. We answer questions that support more timely and accurate decision-making throughout the development process, from pre-clinical research to late-stage trials.

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Transform healthcare via innovative imaging applications and informatics


Visualize and quantify biological and pathological processes to better diagnose, treat, and cure disease through advanced imaging applications, informatics, and operations supporting drug research and development

The Invicro Platform

Invicro solves drug development problems using a platform that harnesses the unique depth and breadth of our expertise in science, medicine, imaging, operations, analytics, and software. The Invicro platform provides high-quality Design, Capture, Analysis and Management of data—across the drug development pipeline.


Our experts and agnostic technology give us the ability to better design customized studies. With the largest team of PhD’s and MD’s in the industry. Invicro’s scientists utilize the most powerful open-architected technology to better customize studies based on your specific questions.


Our broad range of available modalities are managed by expert scientists to ensure delivery of high-quality, consistent, quantifiable data from both imaging and non-imaging sources to meet the needs of the study design.


Invicro’s world-class analytics team, aided by state-of-the-art software including VivoQuant®, MIAKAT and IQ analytics, delivers advanced domain knowledge and machine learning for deeper understanding and insight.


The integration of our VivoQuant® and iPACS® management software provides an unsurpassed collaborative experience in end-to-end data management, from discovery to Phase IV clinical trials.