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2020 Publications 

Guidelines for the Content and Format of PET Brain Data in Publications and Archives: A Consensus Paper Read More

Validation of Rapid Magnetic Resonance Myelin Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis Read More

Integrin αvβ6 Positron Emission Tomography Imaging in Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Pulmonary Radiotherapy Read More

Kisspeptin Enhances Brain Responses to Olfactory and Visual Cues of Attraction in Men Read More

Characterization of 3 PET Tracers for Quantification of Mitochondrial and Synaptic Function in Healthy Human Brain: 18F-BCPP-EF, 11C-SA-4503, and 11C-UCB-J Read More

PET Image Reconstruction Using Physical and Mathematical Modelling For Time of Flight PET-MR Scanners in the STIR Library Read More

DREADD Activation of Pedunculopontine Cholinergic Neurons Reverses Motor Deficits and Restores Striatal Dopamine Signaling in Parkinsonian Rats Read More

Synaptic Density Marker SV2A is Reduced in Schizophrenia Patients and Unaffected by Antipsychotics in Rats Read More

Non-invasive Molecular Tracking Method that Measures Ocular Drug Distribution in Non-human Primates Read More

The Production, Quality Control, and Characterization of ZED8, a CD8-Specific 89Zr-Labeled Immuno-PET Clinical Imaging Agent Read More

Preclinical Evaluation of [18F]FB-A20FMDV2 as a Selective Marker for Measuring αVβ6 Integrin Occupancy Using Positron Emission Tomography in Rodent Lung Read More