Our researchers have comprehensive experience with all major imaging modalities and applications in multiple therapeutic areas. See below for a list of recently published abstracts and manuscripts that we have co-authored or supported and acknowledged. For information on where our scientists are presenting and speaking about our work, please visit our Events page. Here is a small selection of recent publications:

The Perivascular Pathways for Influx of Cerebrospinal Fluid are Most Efficient in the Midbrain Read More

Dual-isotope Cryo-imaging Quantitative Autoradiography (CIQA): Anvestigating Antibody-Drug Conjugate Distribution And Payload Delivery Through Imaging Read More

Translocator protein as an imaging marker of macrophage and stromal activation in RA pannu Read More

Optimizing the radiosynthesis of 68GaDOTA-MLN6907 peptide containing three disulfide cyclization bonds – a GCC specific chelate for clinical radiopharmaceuticals Read More

Amyloid load is a more sensitive biomarker for Alzheimer’s imaging Read More

432.20 / MMM23 – Imaging the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of intrathecally administered antisense oligonucleotides in the rat Read More