Invicro’s powerful analytics and informatics capabilities are made possible from the deployment of our two flagship software products – iPACS®  and VivoQuant® . iPACS is a web-based data management system and VivoQuant is a powerful imaging processing software, supporting research analytics across multiple phases and modalities in the drug discovery and development process.

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iPACS®: Data Management Solutions

Sponsors face numerous challenges when seeking robust solutions to manage imaging data for all a wide-range of study types that span across all drug development stages and therapeutic areas. Data management challenges vary across all organization types and sizes, most commonly being:

  • Data heterogeneity
  • IT cost and complexity
  • Lack of workflow automation
  • Data availability throughout the business and its stakeholders

These challenges become amplified as teams build out more integrated data warehouses and advanced analytic platforms, including incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI). Such build-outs require best practices in system architecture and data management. The iPACS platform supports the complete data life-cycle and enables researchers to clean, enrich, and transform data so it can act as the “single source of truth” that researchers and algorithm developers can trust for their applications. Click here to download the iPACS 2020 product flyer!

iPACS Data Management Platform


Platform Advantages

  • Data Harmonization
    • Standardize any data type: metadata associations, DICOM, non-DICOM, Office formats and structured and unstructured data.
    • Injest data from a variety of imaging modalities for a wide-range of basic science and clinical research applications.
  • Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)
    • Standardize data organization processes to simplify access across imaging platforms.
  • External Processing Pipeline Module 
    • Batch process or analyze data using third party scripts or applications.
  • Scalable Architecture
    • Horizontally scalable to support single and shared resource build-outs.
    • Docker supported.
  • Simplified IT
    • Single-day installation support for on-premises or cloud infrastructures.
    • Invicro’s Professional Services to complement internal resource gaps.
  • API Integration
    • RESTful API supports data movement and interaction across database and raw data stores as well as program level functions complementing UI workflows.
    • Integrates with VivoQuant and other third-party radiology (PMOD, MIM) and pathology (Visiopharm) analysis tools.
  • Business Process Management (BPM) Orchestrated Workflows
    • Configure user tasks via BPM guided workflows to deploy true automation.
    • Deploy user-made containerized and/or black-box analysis tools on any system accessible to iPACS and call them directly on data sets from the iPACS user interface.
    • Analysis tools read and write to the iPACS via a RESTful API and deployed with simple RPC or publish/subscribe based client wrappers.
    • Analysis tools can be paired to enhance automated pipeline workflows.
  • Global Access & Collaboration
    • Web application with role-based user access.
    • Simplified data sharing and transfer workflows.
  • Discovery Through GxP
    • Exploratory research through audit-ready GCP and GLP deployments.
  • Best-in-Class Security & Data Privacy Practices
    • Follows Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guidelines.
    • Audited and validated for GxP workflows, cloud hosting and clinical data management.
    • SOC 2 Type II certification.
    • GDPR compliant, Registered with EU Data Privacy Shield.
  • AWS Partner
    • Invicro is committed to supporting sponsors who deploy iPACS with the AWS architecture.
    • Leverage Invicro’s relationship with AWS to maximize AWS ROI with iPACS.


VivoQuant®: Image Analysis Solutions

Developed by scientists for scientists, VivoQuant is a robust and flexible visualization and quantitative analytic software program. VivoQuant addresses the needs of the imaging research community and solves common pain points in preclinical and clinical image analysis workflows. Click here to download the VivoQuant 2020 product flyer!

  • Multiple image Formats
    • VivoQuant supports the visualization and analysis of both static and dynamic image data sets in DICOM and 30+ native data formats.
  • Multimodality Image Registration
    • VivoQuant offers multi-modal registration (manual and automated) with additional pre-processing features including:
      • Filtering
      • Cropping
      • Smoothing
      • Re-sampling functionality
  • ROI Segmentation
    • VivoQuant provides a comprehensive set of automatic, semi-automatic and manual tools for simple and accurate 3D ROI segmentation. Advanced modules, such as the 3D Brain Atlas Tool and the Multi-atlas Segmentation Tool (MAS) allow scientists to streamline analysis workflows by automatically generating target ROIs, thus saving time and improving reproducibility.
  • Data Publication
    • Analysis results can be published in tabular or graphical outputs. VivoQuant is also able to generate 2D and 3D images and movies in all views for publications and presentations.
  • Workflow Automation & Batch Image Processing
    • VivoQuant allows users to fully automate image analysis workflows from image upload to saving analysis results. Using JavaScript language principles, “VivoScripts” can be run and edited directly within VivoQuant and allow the creation of complete data analysis pipelines as well as batch image processing.
  • Data Management
    • Powered by iPACS, Invicro provides a seamless off-the-shelf software integration between VivoQuant and iPACS. Image and analysis data can be managed by the iPACS platform delivering integrated data management, reporting and sharing capabilities.


VivoQuant: Data Visualization and Analysis Software Platform

Leading preclinical and clinical radiology research quantitative image processing software.

VivoQuant® Plugin Modules

To support advanced image analysis workflows, Invicro offers innovative plugin tools to evaluate data generated across imaging modalities. Our plugin modules simplify analysis pipelines and deliver accurate insights you need to accelerate preclinical and clinical research projects.

Multi-Atlas Segmentation Tool
3D Brain Atlas Tool

Invicro Professional Services

Invicro’s Professional Services Team provides consulting, development and advanced support services to deploy solutions that meet a multitude of unique user requirements for pre-clinical and clinical imaging applications. Through partnerships with sponsors, our team of highly-qualified Application Engineers, Image Analysis Developers and IT personnel bring the expertise needed to build efficient and compliant workflows.


Workflow Automation

Imaging scientists and IT personnel frequently repeat lengthy, manual processes to manage and analyze large amounts of data.  Many image data workflow processes and image analysis techniques can be semi or fully automated in both VivoQuant and iPACS. Our team of application engineers, image analysis developers and IT personnel have years of expertise in building out efficient, custom workflows for the image research industry.

Example Use Cases:

  • VivoScripts to batch process imaging data, auto-segment regions using the 3D brain atlas tool and submit quantitative results to the iPACS.
  • Plotting and statistics tool integration with iPACS for interactive plotting.


Flexible Implementation Strategies

Sponsors have unique policies and processes for deploying software into a production environment, from multiple staging to full GxP validation environments. We support custom implementation plans to meet the IT, regulatory and best practice requirements of your institution. We provide collaboration or full ownership of installation, validation, or other tasks needed to deploy our software in a way that keeps project timelines while maintains system and data integrity.

Example Use Cases:

  • Work alongside IT quality teams to deploy a fully GxP validated workflow, from documentation authorship to end-user trainings.
  • Deploy software in multiple test environments and walk end-users through user acceptance testing prior to production deployment for real-time feedback and needs assessment.
  • AWS architecture deployment to meet system scalability requirements.


Software Downloads & Product Demo Requests

iPACS Product Demonstration Request

To request a demonstration of IPACS, please email info@invicro.com


VivoQuant 30-day Software Trial Request

To download a 30-day trial of VivoQuant, click on the link below that meets your system requirements.


 System Requirements for VivoQuant

  1. 64-bit Windows, 10.9 Mac, or Linux Redhat/CentOS 6/7
  2. 8-12 GB RAM minimum highly recommend at least 16 GB
  3. Any modern processer should be fine
  4. OpenGL 2.0+ (3.0 preferred) supported graphics card
  5. Dual core CPU minimum


Product Resources & Release Notes

In this section, Invicro provides access to helpful product documents, including user manuals and software release notes for iPACS and VivoQuant. If you require product support, please e-mail our Application Support Team at support@invicro.com.

iPACS 2020 Release Notes

iPACS 2020 Security Features

VivoQuant Release Notes

VivoQuant User Manuals

Product Flyers