Calyx / Invicro Forges a Strategic Collaboration with BAMF Health to Accelerate Clinical Translation of Radioligand Therapies and Immuno-Oncology Agents

Calyx / Invicro, a global leader in providing medical imaging solutions and development services to the clinical research community, today announces a strategic partnership with BAMF Health, a world leader in molecular imaging and theranostics. The partnership aims to accelerate the clinical translation of radioligand therapies (RLT) and immuno-oncology (IO) agents.

This collaboration addresses challenges caused by fragmented service ecosystems, which have led to duplicative efforts, slow knowledge transfer, and prolonged development timelines. By combining Calyx / Invicro’s radiochemistry and imaging biomarker solutions with BAMF Health’s advanced radiopharmacy facility—which supports a range of alpha, beta, and gamma agents, and molecular imaging and therapy clinics—biotech and pharmaceutical companies now have an end-to-end resource for translating these advanced programs into clinical trials.