Ultrasound B/M mode Analysis Modules

Ultrasound B-mode Analysis Module: This module is designed to support segmentation and analysis of high frequency ultrasound B-mode data. This advanced plugin tool provides no-touch segmentations of data based on a user-provided library of image datasets. A QC workflow is included to allow the user to perform manual corrections to automated segmentations and dimension measurements. The output measurements provided upon analysis include:

  • Ejection Fraction
  • Stroke Volume
  • Fractional shortening
  • End systole and diastole area
  • End systole and diastole volume

Ultra Sound M-mode Analysis Module: Designed to support segmentation and cardiac measurements for parasternal long axis left ventricle data. The semi-automated approach cuts analysis time by up to 75% compared to industry standard manual routines. Default available measurements for the LV Trace include:

  • Left Ventricle Anterior Wall at Systole and Diastole
  • Left Ventricle Posterior Wall at Systole and Diastole
  • Left Ventricle Internal Diameter at Systole and Diastole
  • End Systole and Diastole Volume
  • Stroke Volume
  • Ejection Fraction
  • Fractional Shortening
  • Cardiac Output
  • Left Ventricle Mass Uncorrected
  • Left Ventricle Mass Corrected

B and M mode Analysis Tools

In a recently internal study, both the B and M model workflows (iPACS and VivoQuant) saved significant human data processing time as the tools focus not just on the actual image analysis, but overall data transfer and subsequent data reporting workflows.