Further Growth in Imanova’s Preclinical Biology Offering

Imanova is pleased to announce further expansion of its preclinical team, with the addition of new roles in both Chemistry and Biology. These new roles bring additional capacity and a broadening of capabilities to Imanova’s leading preclinical imaging offering.

Imanova provides preclinical services, both in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo, to support early stage drug development through the examination of the three pillars of drug development:

  • Does the drug candidate reach the target tissue?
  • Does it bind to the target of interest?
  • Does it have desired downstream biological effect?

With a strong heritage in Pharma drug development, Imanova brings a breadth of techniques to bear in the preclinical evaluation of drug candidates. These techniques include radioligand binding, autoradiography, pre-clinical PET imaging, novel PET ligand discovery and development. Imanova provides access to one of the largest toolboxes of preclinical PET ligands available on any single site.

Imanova is a specialist imaging sciences provider, with a long history of supporting drug development through both preclinical and clinical services.  Preclinically, the offering is focussed on providing the optimal techniques and tools to investigate the potential for a drug candidate by assessing target occupancy, biodistribution and downstream effects.

For further information please contact Julian Westerman, Pre-Clinical Business Development Manager.

Email: Julian.westerman@imanova.co.uk
Tel. +44(0)208 008 6019
Mob: +44 (0)79 0900 2292