Imanova appoints Preclinical Business Development Manager

Imanova continues to grow its preclinical offering, to respond to an increased demand from the pharmaceutical market, and is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Preclinical Business Development Manager, Julian Westerman.

Imanova offers a broad range of high quality in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo pre-clinical services, serving the early stage drug development market – from precision pharmacology services such as radioligand binding assays and autoradiography, through to the novel development and application of PET radiotracers that can be used to measure pharmacokinetics, tissue penetration, target engagement and dose-occupancy. Imanova has a significant catalogue of pre-clinical radiotracers, along with strong Radiochemistry capabilities allowing for the development of new products. Imanova’s technical excellence is complemented by a long Pharma industry heritage, and a keen understanding of the drug development process.  Strong links to the UK academic community also lends Imanova access to a broad set of skills and expertise that help deliver high-quality studies to support early go-no-go decisions that will save time and money.

In support of this, and in a continued effort to deliver the best customer service possible, Imanova has expanded the preclinical team and is pleased to announce the appointment of Julian Westerman as Preclinical Business Development Manager.

Julian has worked in preclinical pharmaceutical development for over 13 years, with hands-on experience in running preclinical in vivo autoradiography imaging studies before performing a number of Business Development roles.  Julian brings strong technical skills and a sharp customer service focus to Imanova. Prior to his appointment as Imanova’s Preclinical Business Development Manager, Julian was employed by Envigo, where he established a team of Project Managers who worked to smooth the transition of all outsourced work. Julian holds an MSc in Biopharmacy from King’s College University of London.

For further information please contact Julian Westerman, Preclinical Business Development Manager.

Phone: +44 (0)20 8008 6019
Mobile: +44 (0)79 0900 2292