The iPACS Application Program Interface (API) enables users to programmatically retrieve and store data and information on the iPACS. The iPACS API utilizes the Representational State Transfer (REST) web service communication protocol to provide low-level access to underlying data objects and files. Information on how to get started using the iPACS API (i.e. Creating an iPACS Account and User Authentication) and links to publicly published iPACS API documentation are located in the dropdown sections below.

Please note, these documents will be periodically updated.

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Getting Started

In order to make an API request, you must have an associated iPACS user account. Additionally, you will need access to the specific iPACS projects that contain the data or information related to the request.

Creating an iPACS Account

Your company’s iPACS system administrator is responsible for creating individual user accounts – Please reach out to them directly.

User Authentication

Users can provide their iPACS user credentials on any API request or use a session cookie to provide credentials on their first request only.

A session cookie allows further access without requiring authentication information within the same session.

First Request Example:

$ curl -c cookie.jar –user <username>:<password> <ipacs URL>/api/v1.0/projects

$ curl -b cookie.jar <ipacs URL>/api/v1.0/projects

iPACS Patients API Documentation


Patients: Access to Patients

Use the iPACS Patients API to access or update a single patient.



Schemas included in the iPACS Patients API:

  • Patient
  • Studies
  • Datapoints
  • DatapointValues
  • Creator
  • invalidRequest
  • SuccessResponse

iPACS Project API Documentation

Users: Operations available to regular users

Use the iPACS Project API to access:

  • All projects
  • Projects by ID
  • Subprojects by project
  • Patients by project
  • Patient by patient ID
  • Patient by patient UUID
  • Patient datapoints
  • Datapoints for a patient by project
  • Studies for a patient and project combination


Use the iPACS Project API to:

  • Conduct simple project searches
  • Search project datapoints
  • Request advanced search query results
  • Create a new patient or a new datapoint
  • Update a patient by ID or UUID
  • Edit a patient datapoint or update a study

Managers: Operations available to users with manage permissions for a given project or parent project

Use the iPACS Project API to:

  • Create a project datapoint or add a project entry
  • Update a project datapoint or project
  • Delete a datapoint or project


  • Project
  • Datatpoint
  • DatapointValue
  • StringQuery
  • Patient
  • PatientEmpty
  • Studies


  • PostStudyResponse
  • Datapoints
  • Datapointvalues
  • PostDatapointResponse
  • Creator
  • invalidRequest
  • SuccessResponse